Performance Management

PMS is a performance management system that can be connected with any internal or external running solutions enabling periodic reports to better monitor performance, measure, address gaps and identify corrective measures related to customer expectations on real time manner, the system will allow the organization to monitor the actual waiting time around the clock and in all channels that provide the services. It issues unified reports and measures about performance, such as the balanced scorecards, which are unified across all service delivery channels, and are shared with other related parties. Performance can be linked to workflow and process designer ; this will enable the system to monitor the KPIs and link it to strategic goals. Linking each process with the strategy goals follows a custom defined operations hierarchy , assigned weight to processes and activities

  • Fetch data from any data source with our ready-made integration components.
  • API service bus connector for any sources that require additional work.
  • Pull data from multiple sources to one centralized location.
  • analyze business outcomes – have an insight on all the actions, and processes and review them from a business perspective to develop a better plan.
  • Ability to generate visualized interactive reports.
  • Ability to Export the report in a variety of popular formats, including Word, Excel, and PDF.
  • Benchmark, visualize, and analyze.
  • Make smarter decisions based on the visualized reporting.
  • Make manual and automated decisions and improve the performance of your organization.
  • Setup flexible performance metrics to measure and improve performance.
  • Powerful workflow engine to automate advanced workflows to streamline your processes and operations.

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