Cyber Security Analysis

The increasingly urbane and advanced technological environment has led to an increase in IT security threats, calling for robust measures to minimize the risk and secure our clients information and thus assets. At Prevent 360 we work alongside your business to conduct end-to-end and top to bottom risk assessments.

As every risk is unique, Prevent 360 specialists conduct a detailed risk analysis for each of your business. By analyzing your organization’s existing position we help you to identify and tackle relevant information and cyber-security risks. Our end-to-end capability not only identifies vulnerabilities and threats, but also develops suitable counter measures to strengthen your cyber-security resilience.

The Prevent 360 team comprises of some of the region’s most skilled IT professionals, proficient enough to uncover potential security loopholes that automated tools miss. Our team of skilled specialists offers technical expertise into:

  • Digital forensic services
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Architectural review
  • Configuration review
  • Malicious code review

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