At Prevent 360 we believe a well-trained and vigilant staff is the first and most important step for securing your business environment and company’s assets. As such we offer a number of strategic security solutions to empower your team, the prominent being - Manufacturer Training and Prevent 360 Security Training.

Our professional development services and customized training packages are aligned to your business objectives, perfect to educate all levels of employee. Additionally, our training packages bring you efficiency improvements and help you assess risks on time. . With a proven track-record through a multitude of internal and external training events, our trainings help your staff to:

  • Gain awareness about the various cyber security threats, for the employees and the employer
  • Understand how to mitigate the risks and report the same accordingly
  • Identify threats and risk within and outside your organizations data and systems infrastructure
  • Manage risks emanating from inside your organization and from the internet Conduct self-assessments and test your internal systems for vulnerabilities

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